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LED Backpack - Best ADS Display Promotional Tool

Are you tired of the traditional way of advertising and looking for a more creative, attractive and personalized form of advertising? If so, then you must know about the LED backpack, which is a stylish and practical smart backpack, which allows you to display the information you want to convey anytime, anywhere, whether it is pictures, text, animation or two QR codes can be placed on backpacks through remote control of mobile phones or computers, making you the most eye-catching advertising media.

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What is LED backpack?

The LED backpack is a backpack with an LED display. It can control the content of the display through the exclusive APP. It supports file uploading and editing in various formats, and can also realize multi-connection on one machine and timing delivery, etc. Function. LED backpacks can not only be used as personal fashion accessories to show one's personality and style, but also can be used as a promotional tool for enterprises or groups to increase brand awareness and influence.

What are the advantages of LED backpacks?

Compared with traditional advertising methods, LED backpacks have the following advantages:

  1.  High flexibility: The LED backpack can change the display content anytime and anywhere, without being limited by time and place, and adapt to various occasions and needs.

  2. Strong creativity: LED backpacks can display content in various forms and styles, without being limited by space and size, and can exert unlimited creativity and imagination.
  3. Good interactivity: The LED backpack can display interactive elements such as QR codes and links, which is convenient for the audience to scan or click to get more information or participate in activities.

  4. High cost-effectiveness: LED backpacks only need a one-time purchase fee, and there is no need to pay additional rental fees or maintenance fees later, and the service life is long.

In what scenarios are LED backpacks suitable for use?

LED backpacks are suitable for various scenarios and industries, such as:

Exhibition: Use LED backpacks as booth logos or product introductions at the exhibition site to attract the attention and interest of the audience.

Supermarkets: Use LED backpacks inside the supermarkets as promotional activities or new product launches to increase sales and passenger flow.

Physical store: Use LED backpacks at the entrance or around the physical store as a display platform for store signs or discount information to increase exposure and popularity.

Corporate promotion: Use LED backpacks as a carrier of corporate image or brand concept in public places or crowded areas to enhance brand influence and reputation.

Tourist guides: Use LED backpacks as a guide tool for guide signs or tourist tips in tourist attractions or on the way, which is convenient for tourists to identify and follow.

Personal entertainment: Use LED backpacks in daily life as a way to express your personal style or mood, and share your unique and interesting life in your circle of friends.

Why are more and more companies using it to advertise?

  1. Creativity: LED backpack is a creative product, which can freely change the advertising content according to different scenarios and needs, and show personality and style. For example, on TIKTOK, there are Internet celebrities carrying LED backpacks to shoot videos, and the videos are very popular; in concerts or fan pick-up activities, LED backpacks can be used to express support and love for idols; in shopping malls or supermarkets, you can Use LED backpacks to promote products or promotions, etc.

  2. Flexibility: LED backpack is a light and convenient device, it is not limited by place and time, and can be advertised anytime and anywhere. For example,  in outdoor queue promotion or team mobile media, LED backpacks can be used to form an advertising square; Or on the subway, LED backpacks can also be used to attract the attention of passengers and so on.
  3. Economical: Compared with other forms of advertising media, LED backpacks have lower cost and better effect. Generally speaking, the price of a high-quality LED backpack is around a few hundred yuan, and only a power bank is needed for power supply. In contrast, traditional advertising media such as large posters, light boxes, and TV screens require more investment and maintenance costs, and are limited by space and viewing angles. Moreover, in the era of information explosion, people already have aesthetic fatigue and resistance to these traditional advertisements, while LED backpacks can bring people freshness and curiosity.

If you want to advertise with an LED backpack, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Choose the right brand and model: There are many brands and models of LED backpacks on the market, and you need to choose the right one according to your needs and budget. Generally speaking, factors such as screen size, resolution, brightness, battery life, and weight should be considered.

  2. Design reasonable advertising content: You need to design reasonable advertising content according to your target market and customer groups. Note that the text is concise and clear, the pictures are clear and beautiful, and the animation is smooth and interesting. To avoid overly complex or sensitive content, so as not to cause resentment or disputes.

  3. Choose the right delivery time and place: You need to choose the right delivery time and place according to your advertising goals. Factors such as the flow of people, the angle of sight, and the ambient light should be considered. Try to choose a place with many people and eyes, and keep moving to increase exposure.


To sum up, we can see that LED backpack, as an emerging mobile media product, has obvious advantages in terms of creativity, flexibility and economy, and is adaptable to various scenarios and needs. Therefore, LED backpacks may become a popular and effective way of advertising in the future.

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